Preparation, During, and After each Session

Preparation before the Session

Drink plenty of water and eat a small, nutritious meal before your session. You want to be well hydrated and satisfied but not overly full. This helps to increase the effects of the EESystem by not expending energy on digestion, but centering focus on the rest and repair mechanism of your body’s nervous system.

Dress comfortably with plenty of layers to adjust to the controlled cooler temperature of the EESytem room.

Bring the following to the Session:

  • A blanket and pillow to help you get comfortable and relax.
  • Noise canceling ear "muffs" or ear plugs if you prefer the quiet.
  • The lights will be dim but feel free to bring a sleep mask if you would like complete darkness.
  • Supplements and water to charge.
  • Avoid perfume or scented oils as some guests are sensitive to strong scents.

Come into your session with gratitude, an open heart and an open mind. Your body is more willing to accept physical and emotional healing if you trust your own natural healing power.

Meditation is a great way to tap into your power!


During the Session

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, inventor of the EESystem technology, describes it as having the perfect laser light acupuncture on every meridian and in every cell of the body, simultaneously.

During the session, you will recline in a zero-gravity chair in a dimly lit room, with a 24-screen EESystem surrounding you. While there may be others present in the session, this is a wonderful time to unwind and grab the opportunity for  introspection and relaxation. There will be soft soothing music playing.

Members are encouraged to not to bring cell phones or any electronics into the EESystem room unless it is essential or they would prefer to listen to their own music through headphones and have their ring tone on "silent."

Food is not allowed in the EESystem room. Snacks are allowed in the waiting area.

Napping or Meditating is ideal.

Please respect the meditative space by remaining quiet and serene.

Restrooms are available as needed in the building common area.

What to do after the Session

This session does not treat any conditions nor make any claims, it simply provides the EESystem harmonizing energies that empower the innate intelligence within us to awaken and realign.

As you have just engaged in a rejuvenating detox, there is a possibility that you may experience headaches, nausea, feeling more emotional than usual, and having intense dreams. However many individuals report feeling energized, experiencing better sleep, and having an overall sense of calm, well-being, and focus.

The most important thing you can do to maximize the benefits of your session is to take a whole body salt bath. Click on the Recipe and Protocol below.

 Salt Bath Recipe & Protocol

Aftercare Packages are also available for purchase after your session.

Aftercare Package

It is ideal to do this bath right after your session, however if you are not able to do it immediately afterwards then within the next 24 hours is sufficient.

Hydrate with plenty of water and follow up your session with light, nutrient dense meals. Your body needs whole foods to perform at its best, especially during and after detoxification.

Schedule additional sessions as close in time as possible to keep the healing momentum going.

Experience the EESystem

The Integrative Vitality Centre, a Membership-Based Wellness Center, is excited to feature a 24-panel Energy Enhancement System in Los Angeles County.

Our comfortable and relaxing atmosphere can seat up to 12 people per session. We invite you to sit back in a zero gravity chair, relax, let go, and enjoy the future of self healing energy.

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